SNG development trajectory

The technology for integrated bio-SNG production is still in the R&D phase and a development trajectory is necessary before the technology is ready for market implementation. The optimum continuation aimed at fast implementation, contains the following phases and indicative time schedule:

  1. Slipstream demonstration, start mid 2007. Construction of a 10 MWth demonstration installation in which initially 90% of the product gas is utilised for power production and 10% for SNG synthesis (see figure). The plant produces sufficient SNG for fleet demonstration of SNG as transport fuel.
  2. Pilot plant, start mid 2007. Construction of an integrated bio-SNG pilot plant at ECN and the performance of a test programme to support the slipstream demonstration (Phase 1) and design of a full-stream demonstration (Phase 3).
  3. Full stream demonstration, start around 2009. The complete gas stream of the existing 10 MWth plant is utilised for SNG production.
  4. Large-scale demonstration, start around 2012. Construction of up-scaled unit of 50 to 200 MWth capacity.
  5. Commercial implementation, start around 2015. Construction of large-scale commercial installations of 500 to 1,000 MWth capacity.